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This is a snippet of some of the produce we grow. If you are interested in developing a partnership and discussing what products you would be interested in purchasing from us throughout the year, please get in touch.

Seasonal Mixes · Viola Mixes · Gypsophilia · Rosemary Flowers · Gorse Flowers · Nasturtiums · Calendula · Tree Spinach · Borage · Lavender Flowers · Cornflower · Wild Sweet Pea · Dianthus · Fennel · Elderflower · Electric Daisy · Sage Blossom · Chive Blossom · Garlic Chive · Columbine  · Campanula · Anise Hyssop · Tulip Petals · Rose Petals · Snapdragons · Chamomile · Marshmallow · Aster · Tagetes Marigold · Phlox

Want to find out more about the produce we have or explore some bespoke edible flowers? Get in touch and we’d be happy to explore what we can do!