Bespoke Courses

Our mission is to help you grow the garden of your dreams.
We offer our Grow Like a Pro curriculum as a bespoke training programme to groups or individuals who are interested in making their gardens more productive, resilient and sustainable. We specialise in training for urban gardeners and will help you make the most of your growing space, whatever the size!

The curriculum can cover the A to Z of food growing, including:

  • Planning for your space – get the most out of your (probably tiny) London garden/window box
  • Outsmarting the pests, without using chemicals
  • Fertility and soil- how to maintain good soil year after year without having to buy compost
  • Growing for flavour- growing techniques that boost flavour

We are able to offer a training course tailored specifically to your needs, based on a combination of one to all of the following units, from half a day to several days.

  1. Site planning for the season: how to plan your space for maximum productivity, beauty and wildlife-friendliness
  2. Seed sowing and methods of propagation: getting your garden off to a good start, and never having to buy plants again
  3. Plant identification and weed control: understanding plants to help your garden thrive
  4. Crop rotation & companion planting: creating sustainable and beautiful gardens
  5. Spotting and controlling pests and diseases
  6. Pruning methods and plant care: ecological methods of boosting plant health
  7. Harvesting, storing and preserving your crops
  8. Grow the soil, not the plant- protecting your soil, composting and vermiculture
  9. Growing for flavour- tips and techniques to supercharge flavour
  10. Growing under cover, sprouts and microherbs to feed you through the winter

A maximum of three units will fit into one day, but if you are particularly interested in one unit, we can go further in depth and explore it for half a day. All training comes with handouts summarising the material and can be delivered to a group of up to 12 attendees.

Training can take place at the Audacious Veg site in northeast London, or wherever you are planning on growing.

As a guideline, our prices are £75 for two hours, £100 for three hours, and £180 for a full day. We do offer concessions for small community groups and charities, as well as further discounts for booking multiple days.



Get in touch if you have any questions or would like to explore training with us!