Day Courses

Audacious Veg warmly invites you to our beautiful site in northeast London, to learn the secrets of growing beautiful, delicious and bee-friendly gardens. Treat yourself to an amazing day out where you can draw on the expert knowledge of our trainers to bring your dream garden to life. Each training day is a unique experience, with a delicious locally grown lunch, herbal infusions and a tour of the Audacious Veg gourmet gardens.

Our lush herb and flower beds are five minutes from Hainault station on the Central line.

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Book your place for the skills you need to make the garden of your dreams come alive! £80 (£60 concessions)

Future Courses

MagicalBeesThe magical world of bees: a beekeeping taster day (22 July 2017) Book Now
Seeing the inside of a beehive is a breathtaking experience, and we want to share it with you. Honeybees are one of the most fascinating creatures on this planet- find out how bees tell time, why bee colonies kill all of the male bees in autumn, and what you can do to help your local bee population.

WinterUrban composting: turn your kitchen waste into gardeners’ gold (19 August 2017) Book Now
Did you know that you can compost your kitchen and garden waste without taking up precious space in your garden with a bulky, unsightly bin? We’ll demystify three urban composting techniques at this training: vermiculture, bokashi and green manure, so you can boost the fertility of your garden efficiently and effectively, without having to rely on store-bought fertilisers.

Courses run from 11am to 4pm. The cost, £80 per person, is inclusive of a delicious meal made from Audacious Veg produce, plus handouts and seeds or seedlings to take home.

We are also happy to help you plan your delicious edible garden, or spice up parties with edible flower cooking and cocktails workshops. 


Past Courses

Salad4Foodie fads from garden to plate: growing and using edible flowers (17 June 2017) – Book Now!
Edible flowers are the crowning glory of every instagram-worthy meal, and with this training you can transform each meal into an edible artwork. Learn which easy-to-grow flowers are delicious to eat, try your hand at blending floral beverages, and top it off with learning how to candy flowers to enjoy in desserts all summer long.


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