Gourmet Greens

We grow a range of herbs, edible flowers and gourmet produce- all grown naturally and using ecologically responsible and chemical-free methods.Interested in buying from us, or letting us know what kind of produce you would be interested in? Get in touch

Our Range of Gourmet Greens

Seasonal Salad Mixes · Shungiku · Borage Leaves · Mustard Leaves · Nasturtium Leaves · Grape Leaves · Oxalis Woodsorrel · Winter Purslane · Red Veined Sorrel · Green Purslane · Hawthorne Leaves · Lemonbalm · Rosemary · Mint · Sage

Want to find out more about the produce we have or explore some bespoke grown gourmet greens? Get in touch and we’d be happy to explore what we can do!