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GROWING PLANTS TO create opportunities

Our  traineeship programme will not only look towards developing horticultural skills, but also entrepreneurial and resourcefulness skills. 

We want to explore how we can support you in a range of ways by providing you with a safe space, the tools and materials, and our knowledge and experience, to explore your potential, experiment with your ideas and help you work towards the future you want and harnessing the opportunities all around you.

Our traineeships are about you, and your growth. Your time with us will be spent seeing the how we're working toward creating our vision of a better food system through growing high quality produce, marketing it into the catering world and building a community that is engaged and excited about new food. 

But for you, your idea of 'better' may be anything from knowing how to grow plants, to making your own products from them, to mindfulness and empowerment through time spent in nature, or perhaps you have your own plant-based entrepreneurial ideas and you want a space to experiment in. Either way, our traineeships are about allowing you to explore the power of plants and yourself.

THE INS & OUTS of an audacious traineeship

We plan to run a number of programmes in 2019:
  • A short course (6 weeks), a long course (12 weeks) and a full seasonal placement for those interested in long term training
  • Sessions will be one day a week on Thursdays or Wednesdays, between 11am to 4pm 
  • The courses are aimed at young adults, however, as career changers ourselves, we're open to all, so get in touch
  • You'll receive a mentor who will help you with career planning and direction outside of the programme
  • Traineeships are on an unpaid basis but we offer a travel bursary for those in need, so please let us know
  • The programmes will run through the growing season March - November
  • You'll have the opportunity to network at various events 
  • We offer each trainee to a ticket at Capital Growth Training event
If you want to chat with us and find out more, email us at and we'll arrange a time to chat.
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