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WHAT MAKES AN audacious mentor?

  • Someone who is passionate about young peoples’ opportunities and have an interest in supporting their progression
  • Someone who is able to assist in career planning, writing or updating CVs, practising interview skills and practical professional guidance
  • Volunteers from a range of backgrounds and experience within land-based industries, or casual gardening is an added bonus, but most importantly you'll be eager to work with young people finding their feet and establishing their careers
  • Someone who can be available to work with 1-3 trainees throughout the year and commit to having at least 3-4 hour long meetings with each trainee

THE ROLE OF AN audacious mentor

The role of the Audacious Veg mentors will be to give support, motivation and empowering our trainees in identifying their goals and reaching them, as well as helping them identify any barriers they face and supporting them to take practical action.  

Mentoring can open doors, support people through the complexities that life and work brings and encourages people to realise their full potential and achieve their goals. 

By becoming a mentor you can play a vital role in helping to develop our trainees. You'll help them build that important support network and make a profound difference in their lives.
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