Audacious Veg Loyalty Discount

At Audacious Veg, we are dedicated to growing our local community and supporting the businesses and organisations that are working towards a better food and a more sustainable future. Thanks for being part of it!

To say thank you, we’re offering a special loyalty discount to the people and businesses who are making this possible.

Click here to book a place on our upcoming Urban Composting course. You’ll nab a ticket for £60 (Standard price £80), and experience a day at the beautiful Audacious Veg site, learning about bokashi, vermiculture and green manure, and enjoying a delicious lunch and herbal infusions.

A bit more about the course:

Urban composting: turn your kitchen waste into gardeners’ gold (19 August 2017)
Did you know that you can compost your kitchen and garden waste without taking up precious space in your garden with a bulky, unsightly bin? We’ll demystify three urban composting techniques at this training: vermiculture, bokashi and green manure, so you can boost the fertility of your garden efficiently and effectively, without having to rely on store-bought fertilisers.

Courses run from 11am to 4pm, and include a delicious meal made from Audacious Veg produce, plus handouts and seeds or seedlings to take home. They take place at the Audacious Veg site on Forest Farm Allotment Site in Hainault (IG6 2XL), a short walk from Hainault station on the Central line.