One of our surprises and we’re going to take credit for making gladioli’s a thing! In 2018 we trialled several new varieties for taste and have whittled them down to best, and here we are! A great flower with a crisp texture, with a taste that starts of sweet and slowly changes into a subtle bitterness that works well with the intial sweetness. 

They’re amazing for stuffing, frying, or using raw in salads. Can be used like courgette flowers, they just have the added bonus of not wilting after one day! They keep fresh for at least 4+ days when refrigerated. 

Varieties we have are:
– Bimbo – bright pink
– Sancerre – white
– Green star – bright green
– Black star – dark ruby 
– Velvey eyes – dark purple

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All our flowers are grown in a chemical free environment and are safe for consumption.