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SINEAD FENTONproject lead & head grower

I'm a former geologist who used to explore new territories for minerals and a ex-techie having worked with various software houses. I always struggled with how linear my work felt, in systems that worked in isolation with no regard to our wider ecosystem. Nothing felt circular or 'sustainable'. 

A lot of soul searching and I came to Audacious Veg as a volunteer back in 2016, in it's early incarnation and knew it was for me. I could be outdoors, constantly learning within a mindblowingly complex system that's ever evolving. Taking my passion for food, nature, science and all things peculiar, I hung up my software and geology hat and traded it in for a food growing hat. 

I took over Audacious Veg in 2018 and have since been channeling my energy into trying to make a positive change, from the ground up!

ADAM SMITH grower & numbers director

I started my journey into growing when I joined Audacious Veg as a volunteer back in Winter 2017. Since then I've gotten more involved with the project and became a director back in August 2018, and am now involved with planning the project and am the one that thinks about everything in numbers!
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board of directors

Do you share our vision for a better food system? One that's environmentally, socially and economically constructive and creates opportunities? Great! Get in touch and we'll arrange a time to have a chat and we can let you know more about being on the Board of Directors with Audacious Veg.