Audacious Veg is a partnership between Forest Farm Peace Garden, a local therapeutic gardening charity, and Audacious Veg CIC, the social enterprise that sells the produce grown by growers on our traineeship programme.

Sinead Fenton – Director & Project Lead

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-27 at 09.09.07 (1)Sinead has been involved with audacious Veg for the past two years and became Director and Project Lead in 2018 and will see the project through it’s next phase of work.

Sinead is a former geologist redirecting a passion for Earth and natural resources into soils and merges it with her love for food and bringing people closer to their food system.


The Board of Directors


Natalie Szarek is founder of Audacious Veg, after coming up with the idea while spending time working on urban farms in her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.

“I came up with the idea for Audacious Veg from feeling that local food systems should be a tool for making our society more socially just and fair rather than replicating the power inequalities of the existing system. I’d like to see the local food movement to grow beyond being geared towards people who can relate to it as (largely well-off) consumers, and to be actively creating possibilities for people to relate to it as producers being paid a fair wage.”

Madeleine Evans has a background in fundraising and approaches to education which engage and empower the learner.

We are proud to be a graduate of the School for Social Entrepreneurs Start Up programme, and an Unltd Do It Award Winner.

We have worked in partnership with the Redbidge Institute for Adult Education to deliver accredited Traineeships for young adults, increasing their base of skills and their ability to find employment following their Audacious Veg placement.

Our Ways of Working

We’re advocates of tech for good! To streamline our processes and to try out new innovate ways of working, and most importantly building transparency into our work we use a series of different tools. We’re largely powered by Zapier, a tool built to join the dots and make things much easier, as a non-profit organisation, we’re incredibly grateful for being able to use the service with a 100% discount on the Starter pack!


Soon you’ll be able to see our growing plans on our Trello boards.