We are recruiting volunteers for 2018!

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Audacious Veg is looking for a passionate and dedicated volunteers to help make 2018 an amazing year. There are a range of volunteering opportunities available.

Our volunteers help support the young adults who are participating in our traineeship programme, and help us with growing delicious produce and beautiful flowers.

One of our key values is volunteering placements that are well supported, meaningful and rewarding. We aim to give our volunteers access to training, networking opportunities and fun. By becoming part of the Audacious Veg team, you will have a chance to meet people and make friends, gain new skills, grow your CV and get a warm fuzzy feeling from making the world a better place.

We’re also keen to work with businesses who share our passion for transforming young peoples’ lives. Download our Team Volunteering Prospectus here.

“AV is a great place to volunteer, meet new people and learn more about food growing. I had loads of fun on site, outdoors around nature and the elements – especially putting up a polytunnel 🙂 It also inspired me to do a Level 1 in horticulture and I definitely hope to do more in the future!”

– Sue, 2016 Growing Volunteer


GrowwithusGrowing Volunteers Programme

If you fancy getting your hands dirty and can volunteer on a weekly basis for a period of 3-4 months, then you could become a Food Growing Volunteer. You would work alongside our beneficiaries- disadvantaged young adults on work placements- to grow delicious gourmet food for London restaurants. More info about the Food Growing Volunteer opportunity here.

PlantingVolunteer Mentors

We are looking for volunteer mentors for young adult trainees who will support our Audacious Veg trainees in developing their career plans and applying for jobs. You would meet four times with your ‘mentee’ throughout the course of their traineeship. More info about the Mentor role here.

Low-Commitment Volunteering

If you’re looking for one-off volunteer opportunities, then sign up to the Audacious Ally mailing list to be contacted about opportunities to help out on site with digging, harvesting and other fun activities at crunch times. Please also sign up if you have a vehicle and would be happy to occasionally be contacted to help out with transport of materials or produce delivery.