Forest Farm Allotments, Hazelbrouck Gardens, IG6 2XL +12 34 56 78
teamwork makes the dream work
Our products are now available London-wide through Foodchain, they're on a mission to build a better food system and so are we. Download their app where you can not only chat to us & order our products but can also buy from over 70+ great quality suppliers; what's better is that no matter how many suppliers you order from on their platform, all of your orders will be consolidated in one single invoice 
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  • Wednesday 5.30pm-8pm Thursday 4.30pm-7.30pm Friday 10am-6pm Saturday and Sunday 10am-4.30pm
  • Wednesday 5.30pm-8pm Thursday 4.30pm-7.30pm Friday 10am-6pm Saturday and Sunday 10am-4.30pm
A social enterprise which exists to provide quality organic foods at competitive prices, without disposable packaging. We sell a wide variety of dry and fresh food products from our store at Hackney City Farm in East London.
We supply Jack with fresh produce like our seasonal salad, herbs and tomatoes. 
We're trialing an order system with Jack for advance orders. You can find our more at our Open Food Network shop. 
A network of groups engaged in growing food, taking land back for community use, and supporting others to grow food, in healthy, sustainable ways. Our members are based across London. The Community Food Growers Network is the only body campaigning for food growing in London that is run by food growers for food growers. 
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Capital Growth supports people to grow food in London, whether at home, on allotments or as part of a community group. They is London's largest food growing network, with over 2,000 gardens throughout the city. We offer in-kind support to people who grow their own food in London, including providing access to discounted training, networking events, support with growing to sell and discounts on equipment.
With us from the very beginning UNLTD have given us support, guidance and funding all along the way.
Their core work is creating a future where enterprising people are transforming our world for good 
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Without FFPG there is no Audacious Veg. We carry out our activities on a portion of their site and they were with us from the very beginning. They helped get us off the ground and today we work together at the Forest Form Allotments 
Redbridge's culture and leisure services manage the Forest Farm allotments where our garden is situated. We work with them to improve the local environment and community links.
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To streamline our processes and to try out new innovate ways of working, and most importantly building transparency into our work we use a series of different tools. We’re largely powered by Zapier, a tool built to join the dots and make things much easier, as a non-profit organisation, we’re incredibly grateful for being able to use the service with a 100% discount on the Starter pack!