Forest Farm Allotments, Hazelbrouck Gardens, IG6 2XL +12 34 56 78

Reimagining food & creating opportunities

we grow

We're passionate about food that makes a difference

We supply some of London's most exciting restaurants.

We grow in a minimal inputs system; we use agroecological processes and chemical free system; we use manual tools for all cultivation; we use compostable packaging in as much of our retail as we can and aim to be 100% compostable packaging.  

building a better food system

growing audacious food


AUDACIOUS: to be daring; to be marked by originality

VEGETABLE: all edible plant matter


So here we are, growing food that is exciting, daring and full of flavour, and food that comes in all shapes and sizes. 

We're celebrating the diversity within our food system and showcasing some of natures most exciting and vibrant flavours. 

So why not join us and tuck into some audacious veg?

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growing audacious skills


Growing on the land is our outlet, it's our means of growing as individuals. We share the joy and awe we have everyday from growing with plants through our outreach and engagement work. 

We introduce people to new and wonderful things they've never experienced, pass on our experience of growing plants and encourage people to give it a go, and share our passion for creating sustainable and innovative ways of working with nature and not against it and inspiring people to do the same.

 So why not join us?

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